Market Analysis

Doing what you have been doing is going to get you what you have been getting.

Are you tired of the same old advice when it comes to analyzing your competitive market? It seems as if every marketer attended the same seminar on how to do a SWOT market analysis. Developed as a matrix in the 1960's for businesses to brainstorm strategic planning, SWOT is organized in 4 quadrants: What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? That might be a great exercise when considering a new business venture, but isn't how you should approach planning a strategic digital marketing campaign.

We live in a digital world. No amount of brain storming will reveal what trends are profitable in your online market. A mission statement won't help, neither will a vision statement, or spending time in a conference room discussing last months sales numbers.

Our method is to use sophisticated software tools to evaluate your market value and identify which segments of your market are most profitable. By using latent semantic indexing research tools, evaluating search engine ranking of money terms, click through rate and the cost per click for those terms we can assign organic rank value. We also know how long it will take to rank, how many back links and articles will be required and then estimate the traffic for a particular term.

Then we are able to organize the data and begin developing a blueprint based on the most profitable themes and keywords that match your business rules, goals and objectives.



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