Website Analysis

“You cannot change the past, but I dare say, you might learn something from it.
Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass.

Have you ever run your site through one of those "free" SEO audit tools? It amazes me how many business owners have come to me with one of those automated reports and wants to base the scope of search engine optimization work on that. If I can't convince them in less than 5 minutes why that is a bad idea, then I politely turn down the project.

A complete website analysis is the foundation of a good search engine optimization strategy and begins with navigating pages on the site using multiple devices and browsers, checking for visual and functional issues such as site structure, broken design, poor imagery, product and service pages, checkout process, contact forms and broken links.

Once we have noted anything found during the front end site inspection we can dive into Google Analytics data to review visitor behavior and device orientation. It is important to know not only what they do on your site, but the devices they use to connect with you, their location, their referral source and in some instances the search queries used to find you.

Lastly we will do a complete technical audit to make sure there are no obstacles for search engines when crawling your site.

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